Investing to Boost Healthcare Access for Scarborough’s Uninsured

The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare (CCRIHC) and the Northpine Foundation are proud to announce a partnership marked by an investment of $1.1 million. This collaboration will bolster CCRIHC’s mission to provide vital healthcare access to Scarborough’s uninsured population.

How We Braved the COVID-19 Storm

On March 5th, 2019, CCRIHC’s centre transformed its parking lot into an outdoor COVID-19 treatment clinic. Refugees and other vulnerable newcomers were sent to us by overwhelmed hospital ERs. Many had been denied treatment and turned away. New to Canada, they could not yet show proof of status and health coverage and did not have the $800 the ER required to treat them despite having symptoms of COVID.

Why are we letting refugees die on the streets in Toronto?

Another asylum seeker died recently, alone, at night, in the freezing streets of the GTA. Delphina Ngigi, a mother of four from Africa, was unhoused on the doorstep of a shelter, asking to be let in but ultimately turned away. Canada invited her here, but Canada let her down.

25 Years: A Legacy of Hope, Healing, and Resilience

Marking a significant milestone, the Canadian Centre for Refugee & Immigrant Healthcare (CCRIHC) commemorates its 25th anniversary, celebrating a long-standing commitment to providing critical healthcare services to refugees and immigrants in Canada. Since its inception, CCRIHC has been at the forefront of offering compassionate care and support to some of the most vulnerable members of our society, embodying a mission that has remained unwavering over the years.

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