Children and Youth New to Canada (CYNTC)

POP (Paediatric Outreach Program) Clinic.

Children and Youth New to Canada (CYNTC) are among the most vulnerable in Canadian society, representing 25% of the underserved people that CCRIHC treats. 

Between 50 to 75 percent of children and youth new to Canada are undocumented and medically uninsured. They are without access to medical care through no choice of their own. They live in our neighbourhoods, play with our children, go to school and grow up in Canada.

When they are ill or injured or need a vaccine to attend school, we’re here to provide it. They are denied provincial OHIP and Federal Interim Federal Health Plan (IFHP) coverage, unable to provide proof of status in Canada. 

Thousands of other CYNTC are precariously insured, with tenuous and unstable IFHP coverage that many community primary care providers, including family physicians and specialists, do not accept.

In 2007, to address this dangerous healthcare access inequity, CCRIHC partnered with a volunteer team of paediatric residents and paediatrician staff at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and opened the POP Clinic, Canada’s first free specialist clinic for vulnerable refugee kids and youth. 

This healthcare service gap impacts tens of thousands of uninsured children in Canada. The volunteer paediatricians with POP provide access to a specialist and medical care.

CYNTC Program Supports Include:
· Paediatric consultation
· Specialist care
· Immunizations

If you have any questions regarding the Children and Youth New to Canada (CYNTC) Program or wish to make an appointment, please contact the centre’s main line at (647) 267-2176 or email us at  


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