Investing to Boost Healthcare Access for Scarborough’s Uninsured

Investing to Boost Healthcare Access for Scarborough’s Uninsured

Announcement of Northpine Foundation's investment in CCRIHC

The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare (CCRIHC) and the Northpine Foundation are proud to announce a partnership marked by an investment of $1.1 million. This collaboration will bolster CCRIHC’s mission to provide vital healthcare access to Scarborough’s uninsured population.

Scarborough faces a critical challenge, with almost 70,000 uninsured residents in need of healthcare support. CCRIHC, a longstanding pillar of the community, has served over 30,000 patients in its 20-year history, most of whom lack insurance coverage. The clinic, even when operating over capacity, has never turned away a patient in need.

Dr. Paul Caulford, Co-Founder/Medical at CCRIHC, said, “Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and we are committed to our mission of providing healthcare to all who walk through our doors, especially vulnerable newcomers. This collaboration with Northpine is significant and will help us continue our work towards realizing that right for the uninsured in our Scarborough community.”

The investment aims to support CCRIHC to enhance primary care access for new and existing uninsured patients and improve their quality of care. Their approach includes prevention screening, specialist referrals, and assisting OHIP-insured patients in transitioning to other healthcare institutions. Additionally, the clinic will serve as a vital community navigator, offering referrals for legal support, food security, employment, and more.

Naomi Gichungu, Impact Director at The Northpine Foundation, highlighted the importance of this collaboration: “Our investment in CCRIHC is an investment in the health and well-being of the Scarborough community. Together, we will break down barriers to care, providing a lifeline for those who need it most.”

This partnership not only addresses immediate healthcare needs but also sets the stage for long-term systemic change. The Northpine Foundation’s investment will catalyze further support from foundations and private donors, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

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This blog post was previously shared on October 30, 2023, on Northpine Foundation’s website.

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