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Dietitian Program

We are what we eat. 

When our health is threatened that short sentence is never more relevant. Many health conditions are affected by our genetics (passed on from family).  These factors cannot be controlled. One thing we can control is how we manage our health. Diet plays a very important role in how we all make choices each day  to feel better/worse. 

Not just heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and weight management.   Yes, those for sure. But did you know that deficiencies, abdominal pain, digestive issues, skin health, thyroid disease, cancer, cough, allergies, arthritis, immune system health and many more conditions can be helped and supported by dietitians?

Our dietitian services are aimed to understand you as a person, your cultural foods, your financial situation, your likes/dislikes, your living situation, your nutrient requirements, and dietary restrictions.   Whatever your situation is we are here to help you feel better, feel stronger, and better able to manage your health. There is no fee or charge to see our dietitian. There may be a small fee for any forms completed. Ask our team about a referral.

Patient Information:

If you have any questions regarding the Dietitian Program at CCRIHC, please call +1 (647) 267-2176 or Email