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POP Clinic
Pediatrics Outreach Program

The Paediatric Outreach Program (POP) clinic provides paediatric consultation and medical care to infants, children, and adolescent New Canadians who are uninsured/underinsured. Care is volunteered by Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children paediatricians and residents in training from The University of Toronto.

It is a national shame that infants and children living in Canada are denied access to basic and urgent healthcare when they are ill. Failing to fill this healthcare gap means that they go without immunizations, well baby progress visits, treatment for childhood infections, care for cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, sickle cell disease, and more. Now, one in every four patients seeking medical care at POP is a child or youth new to Canada.

Patient Information:

If you have any questions regarding the Pediatrics Outreach Program at CCRIHC, please call +1 (647) 267-2176 EXT. 4