Volunteer health professionals at the Community Volunteer Clinic provide primary medical care to uninsured New Canadians. Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the clinic is open to provide medical care BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. A typical clinic treats between around 30 uninsured patients. They are the victims of Canada’s healthcare system and immigration policies. They are caught in limbo. They are not looking for charity or a handout. They would pay for their treatment, if they could, and some manage to find a way. They come because they have nowhere else to turn to for help.

A nation of immigrants, all Canadians have benefitted from the energy of newcomers and their unyielding will to succeed. Canada ranks in the top five most prosperous nations in the world. The drive and determination of refugees and immigrants to make better lives for themselves and for their families has helped Canada prosper and to become one of the most admired societies in the world.

Canada’s immigrants and refugees deserve a fighting chance. Providing humanitarian medical treatment when they are medically uninsured is CCRIHC’s contribution to this purpose. At CCRIHC care is a duty. The world is calling more now than at any recent time to unite, extend a helping hand and offer a fighting chance.

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