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Access to primary care during COVID-19
We are pleased to report that the Ontario government has cancelled the 3 month wait for OHIP. Anyone medically uninsured in Ontario and is feeling ill with COVID-19 respiratory symptoms can access a COVID-19 assessment centre or ER if needed. COVID-19 centres are not doing routine tests on people unless they are ill. DO NOT USE THE ER FOR MILD SYMPTOMS. Call the centre, our doctors, nurses, NPS will support and advise you. (647) 267 -2176

Patient Information:

  • APPOINTMENTS ARE MANDATORY. This will include screening and triage to either virtual or in person care.
  • Drop-in / Walk-in patients are not accepted.
  • Phone lines for virtual care and triaging for direct care are open 10 am to 8 pm 7 days per week.
  • In person clinics currently operate Tuesday and Thursday 12 noon to 4 pm, and Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm (to be reviewed based on need, provider capacity and PPE supply)
The Canadian Centre has opened an outdoor medical field tent clinic on our property. It is providing primary care capacity when virtual care alone can’t meet medically necessary community care.

The tent outdoor clinic is open to our full community (including the newcomer community we serve) who need direct care / assessment, but can’t access it. The current deterioration in community primary care is resulting in increasing and serious health risks in our community. 

We are providing “in person” direct care for

  • Immunizations for Infants and toddlers to 2 years of age
  • “Catch up” immunization for children of all ages who have fallen behind with immunization
  • Acute care problems determined to require urgent assessment
  • Uncontrolled, progressing chronic diseases
  • Other clinical presentations determined through triage
  • Other clinical presentations determined through triage

All patients are concerned for their safety if we attend a medical facility. Yet some illness presentations require a visit to a nurse, physician, nurse practitioner, diabetic foot care. Essential toddler vaccinations can not be done virtually. Nor can the care pregnant Emma needs, and her unborn child. She has high blood pressure and no care, afraid, for over 2 months. Worsening headaches led her to the tent this week.

Care like this is one reason our amazing staff and volunteers have erected our “tent clinic”….for anyone in our community when a visit to a primary care provider must occur. The tent provides a safe, open air social distancing care environment. The pictures below show the air flow control the sealed vapour barrier and plexiglass shield separating and protecting patients and providers. Providers in full PPE conduct examinations efficiently in as short a time as possible. Appointments are spaced to prevent overlap. No waiting room. No waiting. Appointments only, no walk ins.

The outdoor structure follows WHO guidelines for natural ventilation including flow direction and air exchange rates, barrier protection and PPE in support of infection mitigation and control. The attachment outlines details on access, care, capacity for virtual and direct care. 

Thank you to the volunteers at Global Medic, MP Jean Yip and many others including experts, the CMPA and OMA who joined with our team and offered support to help safely establish this clinic. Providers willing to give time to these clinics can contact us through email.