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Community Volunteer Clinic

Volunteer health professionals at the Community Volunteer Clinic provide free primary medical care to medically uninsured and IFH protected refugees and refugee claimants and others new to Canada. Open Tuesday and Thursday evenings, nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners and others provide medical care. No proof of health insurance is required. Appointments are preferred. Now, thanks to your and other support, the clinics are every day by appointment.Please call before arriving.

Canada’s immigrants and refugees deserve a fighting chance. Providing humanitarian medical treatment when they are medically uninsured is CCRIHC’s contribution to this purpose. At CCRIHC care is a duty. The world is calling more now than at any recent time to unite, extend a helping hand and offer a fighting chance.

CVC Provides

Patient Information:

If you have any questions regarding the Community Volunteer Clinic at CCRIHC, please call +1 (647) 267-2176 EXT. 1