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Become A Volunteer

Working At CCRIHC

Our purpose is purely altruistic. Our modern medical community clinic of 70 volunteer nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, dentists with allied provider support staff provide medical, dental, mental health, and social care to 20,000 newcomers caught in medical limbo and still falling through Canada’s health and immigration system policy cracks.  Healthy children are better able to play and learn. Healthy adults are better able to contribute socially and economically to Canada’s future. Healthcare plays a vital role restoring their hopes, dignity, and resiliency.

Health providers have sought out the clinic to volunteer upon hearing about the work it does. They want to give back by helping Canada’s newcomers overcome illness. Their desire to help goes beyond their medical training or social consciousness. They believe Canada is a compassionate society; that what makes Canada great is its ability to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.