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Become A Corporate Sponsor

When we only provide health care to some in our community, we provide health care to no one. For 20 years our organization has fought for health equity for all who reside in our community. Without this standard we are doomed to repeat the past. Achieving health equity for all in our community must be a shared responsibility across all members of the community, including businesses.

We are extending an invitation to our corporate and business community members to partner with our healthcare team as we develop innovative and transformational solutions to ensuring healthy communities. Not just for some but for all.

Our work will afford opportunities for your name and brand to be recognized as a supportive leader in your community’s drive to full health equity. Working in a new shared community – health provider – business and government collaborative your organization will help lead the way to a strong, resilient, confident social and working environment across Canada. It is the way of healthcare’s future. Nothing less will work.

Newcomers to Canada are a recognized vulnerable population when it comes to receiving health care. And yet newcomers both shaped and built the past and represent a vital part of Canada’s future. Over 80% of the population growth Canada requires to maintain and grow its prosperity will come from newcomers in the next 30 years.

It stands to reason this new work force must be healthy, confident, integrated and resilient.

At The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Health Care we believe in challenging the staus quo, in stepping outside the box to ensure the transformational solutions happen now …. so every many women and child in Canada receives the healthcare they need.

Those who have provided their support to the mission include